Service hourly rate 52€
Service hourly rate 2009( incl.) And older cars 39€
3D wheel alignment 65€ (+30€ adjustment)
Electric and diagnostic hour rate 65€
Alfa Romeo ECU fault printout 40€
Car presale/purchase check 80€
Tyre set change to 16" 45€
Tyre set change from 17" 49€
Tyre set change SUV (vans included) from 76€
Tyres/wheels set storage for 1 season (includes wheels wash) 45€
Appraisal report 70€
Car wash external-  "Basic" Includes: active prewash, bug/tar removal (1 time application), handwash, Drying with microfiber towel. 40€
Car wash external- "Premium"- Includes: Active prewash, bug/tar removal, wheel inside cleaning with iron decontamination, handwash (with water repellent soap), drying with preheated air. 70€
Car interior cleaning-cleaning with vacuum. from 30€
AC fluid/gas check and refill  70€ + fluid(if additional is needed)
Dry cleaning Offer needed
Car rent Offer required
Representing client in MNT(car registration) Offer required
Car transport Offer required

Hourly rate is charged for a minimum of 0.5 hours

Pricelist valid from 16.01.2017.

All prices inlcude VAT 20%