Pilot Motors has taken care of Alfa Romeo since 2007. Since that time we have gained valuable experience and insights that weren’t mentioned in the manuals. People who take care of your car in Pilot Motors are loyal to the brand and have at least one Alfa Romeo model themselves. Since Alfa Romeo is part of our lives we are happy to share our experience, give advice and help if there should be any technical issues.

Mr Henry Ford once said, that “Every time I see and Alfa Romeo pass by , I lift my hat”, and we must agree – there is something about Alfa that seizes the moment and just makes you feel happy.

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Service Price
Service hourly rate 52€
Service hourly rate 2009( incl.) And older cars 39€
3D wheel alignment 65€ (+30€ adjustment)
Electric and diagnostic hour rate 65€
Alfa Romeo ECU fault printout 40€
Car presale/purchase check 80€
Tyre set change to 16" 45€
Tyre set change from 17" 49€
Tyre set change SUV (vans included) from 76€
Tyres/wheels set storage for 1 season (includes wheels wash) 45€
Appraisal report 70€
Car wash external- "Basic" Includes: active prewash, bug/tar removal (1 time application), handwash, Drying with microfiber towel. 40€
Car wash external- "Premium"- Includes: Active prewash, bug/tar removal, wheel inside cleaning with iron decontamination, handwash (with water repellent soap), drying with preheated air. 70€
Car interior cleaning-cleaning with vacuum. from 30€
AC fluid/gas check and refill 70€ + fluid(if additional is needed)
Dry cleaning Offer required
Car rent Offer Offer required
Representing client in MNT(car registration) Offer required
Car transport Offer required

Hourly rate is charged for a minimum of 0.5 hours
Pricelist valid from 16.01.2017.
All prices inlcude VAT 20%